Budgets Have Limits, But Creativity Does Not


The Top 3 Interior Design Myths

When it comes to working with interior designers, here are some truths you should know...

Wooden Stair case lightly stained with black rungs on the railings Lighted kitchen, olive colored walls, counter tops wrap around with a light color, overhead cabinets. Light green, Dark green alternating thick horizontal strips in a bathroom showing a sink and toilet.

squigglesMyth #1squiggles

Working with an interior designer costs too much.

The right design professional can actually help you save money while giving you the results you want. A good designer will quickly filter through the overwhelming choices and hone in on the appropriate products and materials that work for your taste and budget. That can save you an enormous amount of time and money. The right designer will also help you avoid costly mistakes and steer you to reputable contractors and suppliers.

Bedroom with a heavy wooden dresser and chair. Chandelier bronzed with a large wooden wall unit in the background. Living room with tan couches and fireplace with a thick white mantel piece.

squigglesMyth #2squiggles

An interior designer will pressure me
into buying things that don't reflect my taste.

The right designer should ask lots of good questions, listen attentively, and then offer solutions that fit your preferences, tastes, and desires. If you're feeling pressured or are not being listened to, look for a different professional who can give you a greater comfort level.

Bathroom with light colored cabinets beneith and single porcelain sink. Living area with a love seat and too chairs with a small wooden coffee table. Bed with 6 pillows showing a lamp to the right.

squigglesMyth #3squiggles

Interior designers will only work on large projects.

Many designers welcome the chance to help clients no matter the project size. Whether it's designing a small room or creating an impressive front foyer, you don't have to commit to something big to get valuable advice from an interior designer. Some designers can also be hired just for consultation services. They can simply help you choose new paint colors for your house or suggest creative ways to refresh and reuse your existing furniture and accessories in new ways and spaces.

squigglesJulie LaRue Kassnersquiggles

As a young girl, Julie would spend long afternoons exploring the three floors of her grandmother's turn-of-the-century Victorian home. Julie was fascinated with the building's architecture, its furnishings and the home's many fine details. That experience put Julie on an early path to becoming an interior designer. She earned a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin in 1974.

Since then, Julie has amassed an impressive portfolio of experience in the industry. She has successfully held positions at both architectural and interior design firms, and has maintained an independent consultancy as a sought-after designer. Most recently, Julie served as an on-staff designer for 13 years with Friese-Mier Company in Green Bay.

Julie regularly attends trade events across the country to monitor design trends and access the latest resources. Among them, The High Point Market in North Carolina, the world's most comprehensive home furnishings market.

Married to custom builder Steven Kassner of Steve Kassner Construction, Julie has an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of the homebuilding industry. Her extensive knowledge has saved clients valuable time and expense when faced with choosing the many exterior and interior elements that accompany a new build.

Julie's Midwest sensibility and clean design aesthetic are two traits that attract clients who seek relaxed yet well-appointed homes. Other clients are drawn to her irrepressible desire for contemporary expression and mid-century modern style. No matter the diversity of projects, she imbues her clients' interiors with a strong sense of simplicity and balance.

Saving time is also a big part of Julie's design process. Her training and expertise helps clients allocate their resources more efficiently, generating creative ideas for each project and eliminating costly decorating mistakes.

One philosophy has clearly served Julie and her clients well. She believes that, squiggles“Budgets have limits,
but creativity does not. Extremely good design using quality materials can
be still achieved
on a modest budget.”squiggles